A day out in downtown Toronto

Friends of mine had moved to Toronto, I had a holiday due and thought why not go to visit them, they had told me the city was interesting with plenty to do and during the summer with the hot days and situated on lake Ontario had the best of all worlds.

I had been in Toronto for a week and had taken in a baseball game, gone up the world tallest free standing tower the CN Tower, travelled to Algonquin Park (a vast area of forest, wild life and mosquitoes!), been to Lake Ontario which is on the shoreline of Toronto and had a day out at Niagara Falls.

Toronto is a great base to go and explore areas around the city. When the people I was staying with said they had not been to the island just located in front of the downtown Toronto. I decided that this had to be investigated. It is always nice to beat the locals to something. Just off the mainland lies Toronto Island Park, which is made up of several islands connected via bridges only accessible by ferry. No admission fee for the island and the crossing takes about 10 minutes.


The boat sailed from the port loaded with people. The island held many interesting and different events. On permanent display a funfair, a petting zoo with one of the nastiest foul tempered horses I have ever met or been spat at by. Avoid at all cost.

Around the island there is a sandy beach all the way around, during the summer months, theme days and events take place to entertain locals and visitors. The island also contained a nudist beach, which I wandered through unaware as no one seems to be on any of the beaches.


The water around the island is still and clear but becomes very deep quickly. For those who prefer swimming pools there is a water park also water sports are available on the lake. There are restaurants and food areas scattered around the island. There is also a fully functioning school, which kids from the mainland attend.

The highlight is the return trip if you avoid the main entry area. On the other side of the island there is another port Hanlan’s ferry port which receives very few passengers and gives you some great views of the shoreline and the water front of Toronto.


The island proved to be a great way to relax and unwind after a hectic schedule. A fun day out can be had as adults or the whole family.



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