Girovai.Com Is Committed To Preserving The Environment.

Our programmes are designed to have minimum impact on the environment, and our employees are dedicated to looking after nature. owns land in Patagonia intended only for the preservation of flora and fauna in order to maintain such a beautiful part of the world. This means it will not submit to exploitation of any kind. is a member of Leave No Trace, The International Ecotourism Society, Sustainable Travel International and Adventure Travel Trade Association, all leading organizations in promoting responsible tourism dedicated to preserving the ecosystem. welcomes all travellers who share this spirit.

Pablo Valenzuela

Deep lover of forests and mountains, Pablo Valenzuela (Santiago de Chile, 1964) has spent over twenty years photographing Chilean landscapes.

Author of several books about his country, he has always had a particular sensitivity to rain, snow and fog; those light conditions that enhance the magic and poetry of the great landscapes and small details of this surprising country.

A relentless pursuit without limits, which seeks to rescue those unique and unforgettable moments.