Whale watching in Patagonia

I will never forget the journey that I did with my family to Puerto Madryn, in Patagonia, Argentina. Although it was a few years ago, I remember all the details, landscapes, flora and fauna, the part that really stands out was the whales. In this part of Argentina you can spot the southern right whale, whose main feature is that its body is curved. They can measure up to 16 metres long and weigh between 30 and 40 tons. Between June and December the whales come near the shore to mate and give birth, so this is the best time to make this trip.


From Puerto Madryn you have to travel around 60 miles to Puerto Pirámides, a place from where the expeditions depart. Our boat had balconies all around and we were given life jackets. After we departed it did not take us long to see the presence of the whales. As we sailed closer to these magnificent animals we saw their huge tails on the horizon, breaking the water, as we drew closer we witnessed these colossal giants leaping out of the water as if diving with precision and little effort. The beauty of their agility was amazing something that unless you see them in the wild you never appreciate how much space and freedom these animals have to call their own. I have never forgotten the songs  they sang which made my hair stand on end!


It was an experience so incredible and memorable that I think everyone who has a chance to hear them sing will be fascinated. It was beautiful and unique. I chose a whale that seemed to capture my attention and gave it a name “Florence”. That gave the final touch and charm to the trip. It was a great experience to have shared this with my family. I hope someday all of you can live this extraordinary adventure and maybe Florence will be there to greet you in the same way she did me.



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