Something puzzled me: So far but yet so near

The sea was dark blue so vast and deep, the waves so wild. A feeling of fear encapsulated my whole body, but there was something I do not know what, that kept my eyes staring at those waves. The swaying of the ship that brought us to the end of the world from Italy. In the time we travelled the only way to cross the Atlantic and reach Chile was via the Strait of Magellan.

That is the memory I have of my nonna Dina (grandmother) telling us about how our family came to live in Chile. I do not think it was an easy decision to abandon their home city of Rovigo (located in the Veneto region, northern Italy) and to venture so far from home, with no idea of what they would find thousands of miles away.

I think I inherited that adventurous spirit from my grandparents. From a very young age I had the curiosity to explore the world. I think I always knew my life would be tied to travelling. It was on one of my first trips to Italy when something incredible happened. I was on a train and I looked out the window something puzzled me, so far but yet so near: the place I was passing through looked just like Melipilla, the town my grandparents had made their home in Chile. And the town was none other than Rovigo, the city of my nonna! After this curious déjà-vu I began wondering if all immigrants perhaps subconsciously try to replicate a familiar feel and environment to their new surroundings. I think this is much more common than we think as friends of foreign descent have told me similar stories.


All those feelings and memories are not stored just in my head. Photography has been a very important part in my life. It is such a powerful tool to stimulate ideas and dreams that I decided to work as a photographic producer for many years. I have had the good fortune to meet Pablo Valenzuela, a great artist and photographer who I consider to be one of the most important ambassadors in portraying Chile around the world. His pictures of Chilean landscapes are not only aesthetically wonderful but also they convey emotions. Many of the places I have travelled to, I have first visited through his photography.


Now I have the privilege to help other travellers to achieve their dreams of travelling to the southernmost region in the world and a country I love. I invite you to write to me and tell me about your ideal trip and how I can help you plan this so that your dreams can come true.



Jenny Romanini

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