HARE NOI – Easter Island

Easter Island Is Located More Than 3500 Km Away From The Coasts Of Chile, At 27 ° 09′ Southern Latitude And 109 ° 26′ Western Longitude, It Is The Most Eastern Of All The Polynesian Islands, Making It One Of The Most Isolated Places On The Planet.

Rapa Nui offers a tropical rainy...

Noi Vitacura – Santiago

Hotel Noi Is Representative Of The New, Modern And Stylish Buildings That Are Appearing Around Santiago.

The hotel has given each area its own identity. Among Noi’s highlights are a magnificent spacious terrace overlooking the green valley of Santiago, the restaurant boasts a fine and...

Puma Lodge

Hotel Puma Lodge

Come experience nature in its most pure form. Revitalize yourself in a unique and inspiring experience. Conquer the peak of Puma Lodge, one of the best heliski centers in Chile and the world.