Cross-Country Winter Skiing In Open Patagonia

Destination : Patagonia
Program Type : Multiactive
Duration : 1 day
Price : $245 / € 186
(per person) Taxes included
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Cerro Vespignani

An unforgettable experience for lovers of extreme sports. A snowy Patagonian adventure, away from the ski slopes and with a high level of difficulty.  Demanding physical tests that will swing from the enjoyment of testing your dexterity to the limit and a pleasure you will feel in your soul, in surroundings difficult to find in other parts of the world.  Cerro Vespignani, with its high level of demand, invites experimental sportsmen and sportswomen to take up the challenge!  Loma de Diablo, which is beautiful and amicable, will allow you to enjoy the adventure for those with a medium level of extreme skiing, enjoying these beautiful and unexplored places at the same time.  Both experiences mix sport with the mystical, and they will last one day.


Between June and November

You will start the day at dawn, being transported by vehicle to the Lago del Desierto, at 600 meters above sea level and situated 38 km from El Chálten.  From here, you will start an hour’s trek to the base of Huemul Glacier, to continue the ascent with cross-country skis, in an arduous and impressive trajectory that will last around 7 hours – with a difference in altitude of 1500 meters – until you reach the awaited objective: the summit of Cerro Vespignani, which is 2146 meters tall.  Once there, you can enjoy the unique feeling that will you will feel from having conquered the summit and having overcome the imposing geography of the area.  You will then descend the mountain, a journey of approximately 2 hours, after which you will be taken to return to El Chaltén, ending your cross-country adrenaline rush.

Note: These activities will last one day. They are of high difficulty and will demand a high level of physical fitness from you.  As such, it is necessary to have experience of off-piste skiing. The skiing descent will fluctuate between 1500 meters. Because of climactic variations, it will only be possible to experience these trips at certain times of the year. Applicable between June and November only. The groups will vary between one and three participants, plus a guide.

List Of Personal Equipment Required (Not Included)

  • backpack 40 L
  • 1 Thermos-type bottle
  • synthetic underwear
  • fleece 100
  • fleece 200
  • duvert vest or jacket
  • Gore-Tex jacket
  • waterproof pants cover
  • leggings
  • fleece gloves
  • waterproof gloves
  • winter hat, spare socks
  • sunglasses
  • goggles
  • sunscreen
  • cross-country skis
  • seal skins
  • ski boots
  • ski poles
  • trekking boots
  • frontal flashlights


  • Mountain guide
  • Safety equipment for snowy mountains: rope, harnesses, crampons, helmet
  • First-Aid Kit and VHF radio
  • Safety set (ARVA, spade, sounding probe)
  • Transfer El Chaltén-Lago del Desierto-El Chaltén (Option 1)

Not Included

  • Packed lunch
  • Personal ski equipment (described above)
  • Personal insurance


1 passenger 2-3 passengers 4 passengers
USD 500 USD 275 USD 245
  • Rates are valid 2013-204
  • Rates are subject to market variations