Bariloche by bike

Destination : Patagonia
Program Type : Multiactive
Duration : 4 days / 3 nights
Price :
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Bariloche – Manso River – Lake Nahuel Huapi -Bariloche

Day 1: Bariloche and Barbeque with local family

We will be waiting for you to accompany you to the hotel of your choice. The first evening will take you to the heart of Argentina’s social life: the barbecue, with the unmistakable flavors of prized cuts of Argentinian beef, slowly cooked on the grill. You can participate in the preparation or chat with the hosts and other guests. A good glass of wine will give a refreshing touch to the evening, before enjoying a well-earned rest.

Day 2: Bariloche / Mountain biking to the Manso River – Complete Day

After a light breakfast, it will be time to familiarise yourself with your bicycle and all the equipment necessary to start your adventure to the south, which will take you along the coast of the Gutierrez, Mascardi and Guillermo lakes.

You will turn to the west and a dirt road will guide you to the first bridge over the Manso River, which is characterised by its clear, crystal waters, that enjoys a beautiful blue and green tone before vanishing into the vastness of the salty Pacific Ocean.

Then prepare yourself to face the mountain, pedaling along the right bank of the river where you can see up close hills such as Bastión and Ventisqueros.

As the river flows, running peacefully to your left, you will cross over streams and quaint bridges that will take you into wild Patagonia, presenting spectacular waterfalls, hidden meadows and a variety of plantlife.

Halfway during the day, you will stop to rest at the river bank, before embarking on the final and most difficult part of the route, after which you will arrive at the second suspension bridge in the Manso river, with its emerald coloured waters and spectacular rapids that dance inside. A magnificent sandy beach is the ideal place to relax before starting the return to Bariloche.

Day 3: Bariloche / Passage to Nahuelhuapi and Tour – Complete Day

Once you finish the hearty, and necessary, breakfast, you will depart for the boat trip on Lake Nahuel Huapi, that will take you to Brazo Tristeza, one of the less frequented parts of the lake, which owes its name to the waterfalls that fall above its water as if they were tears.

Surrounded by rocky mountains, the glacier’s origin constantly reveals itself by way of pieces of ice. Starting from Puerto Pañuelo towards the west, in the peninsual zone of Llao, you will enter a deep fjord that is found between the Capill and López hills. The atmosphere is especially magical, since it is preserved in its pure and original state, without any trace of human construction.

After a short stroll in the old forest, you will lunch on board the boat as it slowly borders the eastern side of the lake until returning to the departure port.

Day 4: Bariloche / Airport

After breakfast we will accompany you to the airport where the curtain will fall on this exciting Patagonian adventure.