Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

To consider:

In accordance with the Transparency Policy of Our Company, and given that the geographic area is the southernmost in the world, it is absolutely necessary to recommend to all of our clients to obtain total and complete travel insurance from your country of origin or from wherever you may find yourself prior to your date of travel.  This insurance should cover: cancelation or restriction of the same; all medical expenses in their totality; light, medium and grave injuries; temporary or permanent death or disability and personal responsibility for your own actions, given that our company has no responsibility for accidents, losses or deterioration of equipment, flights, expenses or medical bills.  That stated above, with regard to the risks involved in carrying out the routes that are offered as part of the tourist circuit, the assumption of risks, and the total exemption from civil and criminal responsibility, including incidental cases or cases of force majeure, absolves Girovai.com in the case of catastrophes, by agreement and protected by Chilean law.

Given the above, I recognize and assume in this agreement to which I voluntarily agree, that there are risks in any activity related to the trip I agree to take.  These include not only dangers associated with participation in outdoor activities, but also included are dangers associated with trips towards and from the location(s) of samesaid activities.
I accept and agree with the information provided on the risks and consequences, and I assume total responsibility for that which could happen.  In addition, I understand that these risks can, for example, derive from: a fall; injuries due to exposure to freezing temperatures; illnesses related to submersion in water; heat-/sun exposure-related injuries; high altitude-related injuries, acts of nature including lightning, avalanche, landslide, earthquake, rockfall; a fall into a crevice; river crossings; rock climbing; snow or ice; skiing, mule- or horseback riding injuries; transport by air, sea, bicycle or vehicle; collisions with vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, fixed objects or animals; highway dangers of any kind, not necessarily sign-posted; climactic problems; epidemics; and risks derived from political or social instability.

By means of the present document I give my full and absolute consent to receive medical and/or hospital treatment in the case of urgency and/or emergencies that occur as a consequence of my participation in the activities of travel; being that I am incapable of taking my own decisions, I accept total responsibility for the expenses generated as a result of my injuries, illnesses or death, including all medical services, and costs and supplies of saidsame.

Finally I certify and declare that I am completely physically and mentally capable of participating in this trip, that I have had full knowledge and have been given the opportunity to be aware of the dangers, risks and consequences of participation and agreeing to take this trip.  I have carefully read this agreement and I completely understand its content and the terms listed.