Legal & Privacy Aspects

We Take Care Of And Respect Your Confidential Information.

Girovai.Com Operates With Transparency. At the protection of our clients’ privacy is very important. We do the utmost to keep our clients’ personal information in the strictest confidentiality.

Our company collects and uses the personal information of its clients/passengers with the aim of being able to pay excellent attention to them in the requested and offered service, to enable adequate access to our products and services, and to be able to give more options and information at the time of contracting our products and/or services.  We therefore have a Confidential Information Standard Policy for our clients and customers which safeguards details and information across physical, electronic and administrative procedures.

In relation to that said above, declares and confirms its clear intention not to divulge its clients’ and/or passengers’ confidential information.  This confidential information includes that which is administrated or drawn up orally; in written, graphic or machine-readable form which says in writing that the information is confidential or reserved; or if the information is oral, it is designated as confidential the moment it is spoken. declares that it will neither use nor reveal under any circumstances the confidential information of its clients/passengers with third parties protecting their privacy in this way, with the obvious exception of carrying out the corresponding administrative processes with this company.

Without affecting the policy listed above, does not have nor will have any responsibility for any client/passenger confidential information that clients/passengers have divulged or that is in the public domain.

The terms and conditions detailed below constitute a contract between the client and our company (, and also acceptance of the conditions of service.

The acceptance of these terms and conditions will be effective immediately.

The terms and conditions for our transparent processes are detailed below.

Payment And Reservations:

On acceptance of the conditions of sale of each destination with the client should provide:

  • An initial deposit of 30% of the total trip cost.
  • In case of the acquisition of an airplane ticket, the client should pay the cost of the same in no more than 10 days from acceptance of the same.

Final Payment:

  • The remaining total that is 70% of the total trip cost should be paid 30 days before the start date of the trip to your destination.
  • Your reservation with will be confirmed once we obtain authorization from your credit card company.

The reservations concerning our offered destinations by should be made a minimum of three months prior to the start of the trip, otherwise the journeys must be checked for availability.

Payment System:

Clients can pay their holidays in US Dollars sent by bank transfer.’s bank details are:

Bank name: Banco de Chile
Address: Avda. Irarrázaval 3057 Ñuñoa,
Santiago – Chile
Payee name: Inversiones Ferrara Ltda.
RUT (ID number): 77.361.640-K
Account number: 5-160-84054-00
Payee address: Maravedies 1010, Peñalolen,
Santiago, Chile

Fees generated by using this payment system are charged to the client.

In addition, accepts deposits directly into its bank account or through electronic tansfers. Bank details are the following:

Name: Inversiones Ferrara Limitada
RUT (ID number): 77.361.640-K
Bank: Banco de Chile
Account number – (for payments in Dollars): 5-160-84054-00
Account number – (for payments in Pesos): 160-09256-06
Please send receipt to

Refund And Cancellation Policy:

The passenger/client and are legally bound to the following terms and conditions. Acceptance of these terms and conditions is effective immediately.

Cancelations, refunds and suspensions will be made through reliable and verifiable means such as a written message, a scanned letter (with signature in respect to the above) or e-mail addressed to Sales Manager at e-mail address or to our offices located on: Calle Maravedies 1010, Peñalolén, Santiago, Chile, or by e-mail at the website. The percentages of refund/cancellation are detailed below:

  1. Cancelations received 45 to 60 days (inclusive) before the departure date will be subject to a cancelation charge of 25% of the price of the trip;
  2. Cancelations received 28 to 44 days (inclusive) before the departure date will be subject to a cancelation charge of 50% of the price of the trip;
  3. Cancelations received 14 to 27 days (inclusive) before the departure date will be subject to a cancelation charge of 75% of the price of the trip;
  4. Cancelations received 13 days or less before the departure date will be subject to the forfeiture of the entire price of the trip.

The company reserves the right to charge financial penalties, the fees for professional services and for losses suffered as a consequence of cancelation, refund or suspension.

Refunds will not be given for any services or losses, with the exception of those circumstances proven to be unforseeable circumstances or force majeure, as indicated in Chilean legislation.

This agreement will be interpreted, applied and governed by Chilean law, given that the Chilean Courts of Justice will have and enjoy full jurisdiction.

Air Travel Tickets:

Our company is not responsible for cancellations, losses or delays on flights, given that the flight ticket constitutes a contract between each passenger and the flight operator.


Baggage that clients bring with themselves is not covered by the present contract, so losses or damages that may be suffered by clients will not be responded to by  Personal effects and personal equipment are entirely the exclusive responsibility of the client/passenger, and does not assume any responsibility for lost or damaged baggage.


Our clients should ensure that they have valid and currently in force passports and visas for entry into the destination country.  The costs of applications for these will not be assumed by, nor does have any responsibility for the expiration of said documents. will not be responsible in case a client is denied entry into a country due to a failure to fulfill specific requirements such as the validity of the document.

Travel Insurance:

Our company recommends to all of our clients that they take out complete and total travel insurance from their country of origin or from where they will find themselves prior to the departure date.  This insurance should cover cancellation or restriction of the same; all medical expenses; light, moderate and serious injury; death or temporary or permanent disability and personal responsibility for one’s own actions, given that our company will not be responsible for accidents, losses, or damages to baggage, flights, expenses or medical costs.

General Responsibility:

Our company does not possess general emergency insurance, insurance with contingencies for cases of force mayeur, or insurance for cases of unforeseen circumstance, which is why it is recommended to take the necessary measures to have insurance for all activities and omissions on the expeditions, and to follow the instructions of the specialized personnel, guides, or indicated signs on paths, routes and tourist attractions.

Appropriate Health:

Given the remoteness of our tourist attractions, we recommend to our clients/passengers that they travel in a good state of health to be able to fully enjoy our offered services.  Find out what is necessary at, which will always be available to clarify things without doubt.

We also recommend that you take into consideration that there may be the cancelation of any activity that may put our clients at risk, owing to the extreme and variable climactic conditions of the southern territory.

If you find yourself with any health problems, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can assist you by offering a travel experience suited to your needs, so that you will still be comfortable and safe.

Applicable Law And Jurisdiction:

This contract or agreement will be interpreted, applied, and governed by Chilean law, given that the Chilean Courts of Justice will duly exercise their jurisdiction.